9-1/2" Dome Hubcap

9-1/2" Dome Hubcap

Product Code: VTS-595

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This chrome hub cap is a dome shape that gives a vintage baby moon look.

It fits in place by snapping around the outside of 3 or 4 nubs on the wheel. It does not fit on wheels with spring clips riveted to the face of the wheel.

It fits our 5-bolt 13", 14" and 15" rims. It does not fit our 6-bolt 15" rims. Please take the time to verify the dimensions work on your rims. Price is for one hubcap.

Our customers tell us these caps fit their 1961 Shasta Airflyte Reissues produced in 2015.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the problems with the original and with this replacement is rust. We recommend spraying the chrome (and any other chrome on your trailer) with a clear lacquer (from the hardware store) before installing it. That will protect it from the salt and prolong its life.

Hubcap Dimensions:

  • Inner Flange Diameter = 9.23"
  • Overall Outer Diameter = 9.56"
  • For these hubcaps to fit, your wheels must have a nub diameter of approximately 9-3/8" to 9-1/2"
  • Overall Inside Height at Center = 2.75"

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Description Above Price FITS OUR 5-BOLT WHEELS