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Polish for Vintage Trailers

Polishing an aluminum trailer can restore the brilliance and classic look of your vintage renovation. A freshly polished vintage Airstream is a head-turner, and you can achieve your own brilliant results with our wide range of aircraft polish and supplies. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out our article “How to Polish a Vintage Airstream (or any aluminum trailer)”. Our guide will walk you through whether your trailer can be polished, how much labor goes into polishing your trailer to the perfect shine, all the materials involved, and proven techniques to save you time.

From the polish itself to various buffing and scuffing wheels, we carry all of the products you need for a successful aluminum trailer polishing experience. Contact us to figure out what process, tools and techniques are right for your vintage trailer. Once you get through your first polish, your yearly polishes will get easier and easier; invest in proper equipment and materials now to make the process simpler in the future.

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