Airstream Main Door Hinge Pin (1965-72)

Airstream Main Door Hinge Pin (1965-72)

Product Code: VTS-427


This 14" long, stainless steel (T-316), round rod is 1/4" in diameter. It will need to be cut to length and the ends will need to be chamfered. (The photograph appears to show a dark line going the length of the pin. That line is just a photographic shadow.)

We believe this works for all Airstream hinges of the era from 1965 to 1972. The hinges are recognizable because they are a single large cast hinge rather than two separate hinges.

Removal of the original pin can be difficult because the original pin is likely corroded in place. In addition, the pin may be worn to the point that simply pushing it through requires some force. The pin is held in place only by a small horizontal rolled set pin half way down the length of the hinge. That small horizontal pin must be removed first by driving it through. Then some customers have found the best method is to use a pneumatic rivet gun or air hammer to hammer the vertical main pin out from the top. This releases the corrosion and gets the sliding movement started.

After the pin is out, inspect the door side of the cast hinge for ovaling. If you have significant ovaling, you may choose to fill the casting and repair the ovaling at this time before re-installing the main pin. A good choice of filler is our Alumi-Pro Welding Kit (VTS-335).

You will need to drill through the hinge pin rod horizontally when you reinstall in order to put the horizontal roll pin back through.


The 316 marine grade stainless steel alloy we have chosen for this pin is the best choice for corrosion resistance.  With its higher molybdenum content, it is more than twice the cost of standard 304 stainless steel but we believe it is the better choice in this case due to the hinge pin getting regular road spray and being critical for smooth operation of your front door.  
Description Above Price Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Alloy