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Airstream Nameplate - 1960s

Vintage Trailer Supply

Airstream Nameplate - 1960s

Product Code: VTS-150


These high quality etched aluminum nameplates are dead ringers for the originals on most 1961 to 1968 Airstreams and a few 1969 Airstreams.

They are 21" wide by 3.5" high.

These nameplates are a Vintage Trailer Supply exclusive. Like the originals, these are etched using a true chemical etching process and painted using a high quality enamel. They are not printed. Etched plates have a very slight three dimensional quality, with the unpainted lettering every so slightly raised and the painted blue field every so slightly recessed.

The paint is high quality, fade-resistant and baked on. Each one is protected during transit with a peel-off film.

NOTE: The reproduction plates being sold by some Airstream dealers as "original" are in fact poor quality and nothing like the originals. They are screen printed rather than etched and the lettering is not accurate to the originals.

Price is for one nameplate.

LIFETIME WARRANTY to original purchaser against cracks, peels or chips.
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Airstreams manufactured in the Ohio plant tended to use 6 mounting rivets evenly spaced in pre-drilled holes. Airstreams manufactured in the California plant tended to use 8 mounting rivets and were not pre-drilled. These plates do not have pre-drilled mounting holes. Use your old plate as a template for drilling. These plates can be used to replace either type of plate. Use Olympic rivets to install for an original look.