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Airstream Plumbing Stack Cover

Vintage Trailer Supply

Airstream Plumbing Stack Cover

Product Code: VTS-159

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We're delighted to offer our very well made reproduction of the sloped-bottom plastic plumbing vent pipe cover for 1960s and early 1970s Airstreams and Argosys. The base sits at an angle to match with the curvature of the roof in the location where the pipe protrudes from the trailer.

Made of thick ABS plastic and then primed with gray plastic primer, it is ready for you to paint in the color of your choice using common spray paint like Rust-o-leum.

To attach it to your trailer, you'll need 8 rivets, a small piece of window insect screen and some quality caulk or butyl tape to form a seal.  The insect screen stretches across the pipe and is held in place by the vent cover. 


It comes undrilled so you can drill it to match the existing rivet holes in your trailer roof.


If you aren't sure whether this is right for your trailer, please check to make sure you have a 1-1/2" (ID) ABS or PVC pipe (slightly less than 2" OD) extending out the roof of your trailer. Contact us if you need guidance.