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Airstream Window Latch - Polished Chrome

Vintage Trailer Supply

Airstream Window Latch - Polished Chrome

Product Code: VTS-1094


Our premium reproduction window latch for 1969 and later Airstreams is sleek and strong.  The handle is solid cast zinc and then chrome plated and polished.  This is a faithful reproduction of one of the earliest styles of this latch.

Up until 2007, Airstream made this more sleek style, but now Airstream offers only the later brushed nickel version with a more hollow back which was original after 2007.  The mechanism works the same on all Airstreams from 1969 on.  We brought back that style because we thought it had more style than the later version. 

We have used superior materials by replacing the original aluminum shaft with a stainless steel shaft for many additional years of service.  We think you'll appreciate the superior quality when you do your restoration.  However, if the only problem with your old latch is that the threaded shaft is stripped, we offer the replacement stainless steel shaft as a part by itself. It is our VTS-2026.

Our latch comes with a straight cam. Some vintage Airstreams had offset (Z) cams originally.  The latch allows for ajustment for the offset between the latch and the catch plate on the bottom of the window sash, however, if you prefer the Z cam on your original latches, they are compatible with the new latches.

This latch is a reproduction of Airstream PN 010020 and can be used in place of the later brushed nickel Airstream PN 382367-01.

We warranty this part for as long as you own your Airstream. 


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