Aluminum Power Jack

Aluminum Power Jack

Product Code: VTS-984


This economical but strong jack has 3,500 lbs of lifting power and extra breakaway power to help get free from a jammed hitch ball.

It has a water resistant die-cast aluminum motor and gear housing, hardened steel gears and dual site-lights for handy after dark illumination.

The jack travels 10 inches in 50 seconds.  It has a total of 18" of lift distance and includes a built-in 6" diameter quick drop footpad with 5.5" of extra height and  eliminates having to use scrap wood.

2.25" outer tube.

12-volt operation with a 20A circuit breaker.

7 foot, 10 gauge power supply line with positive and negative wires for direct grounding.

Emergency crank socket included.

Comes with a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturer's defects.  The warranty can be extended to 5 years if registered within 90 days of purchase.