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Astradome - Earlier

Vintage Trailer Supply

Astradome - Earlier

Product Code: VTS-107


This is a quality Lexan reproduction of the original domed fiberglass Astradome vent cover used on many Airstreams between 1956 and 1963. It will also fit some Airstreams from 1963 to 1965 and some trailers up through the late 1960s, although the shape is somewhat different the the original flatter shape of that period.

It is sized to fit a vent base with an exterior outside dimension that is 14" to 15" wide and 25" to 26" long. It your vent base is longer than 26" when measured from the outside while on your trailer roof, the cover will not fit.

If you have a 1966, 1967 or 1968 Airstream, please check the four corners on your opening on your trailer roof. If they are square, and the length of the opening is 25", this will fit. If they are radiused, you will want our later version of the Astradome. If your opening is less than 25", this may fit, but it will take some creativity on your end (see below).

It is thermoformed from a single 1/8" thick sheet of translucent white GE Lexan polycarbonate. Lexan is a very durable material that is highly resistant to cracking. It far exceeds acrylics in durability.

It attaches and opens with the screw-type lifters that were original equipment on the trailer. The lifters are not included. You will receive the Lexan cover only.

Take a look at the additional photos to see how it attaches to your hardware and trailer. We do not sell the gasket, and we now recommend a 1/2" thick hardware store gasket attached to the top rim of your opening rather than on the cover.

OTE: Because our covers are made of translucent white Lexan, they let more light into your trailer than the original fiberglass versions.



  1. Remove the lifter mounting bracket from the wall of the vent opening.
  2. This step is for those with openings less than 25" long. The top portion of the bracket is crescent shaped. Grind it down to make it a deeper crescent. You may need to grind it 1/8" to 1/4" deeper. This will give the lifter the ability to angle outward enough to reach the Astradome at the flat mounting points.
  3. Fasten the top hinge of the lifter to the very inside edge of the flat mounting surface of the Astradome using 3 truss head or pan head machine screws (the flatter the head, the better so it doesn't interfere with the closed hinge). Use washers and self-locking hex nuts on top of the dome.
  4. Reinstall the lifter in the wall of the vent opening.