Astradome - Later

Astradome - Later

Product Code: VTS-279

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Our Lexan reproduction vent cover has an overall inside dimension of 14-3/4" x 25-1/8". Overall height is 2-5/8". It fits the long roof vent openings on later 1960s and 1970s Airstream, Avion and Revcon RVs. The original was translucent white acrylic plastic. Our reproduction is translucent white GE Lexan polycarbonate plastic, making it stronger and more scratch-resistant than the original. In fact, to test our claim, we took one of our Astradomes and ran over it with a car twice to see what would happen. It popped right back into shape with no cracks or noticeable damage at all. We don't recommend abusing your vent, but it illustrates how crack-resistant Lexan is.

We noticed that the flat topped originals often sag in the middle, so we added a very low crown to the flat surface. It provides for better shedding of rain.

Please note that replacement covers are available from other sources, but they are usually made from acrylic, which does not have the durability of Lexan, or from a poorly done fiberglass which is not as attractive.

NOTE: This is a cover only. No hardware is included.