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Bargman No.9 Trim Rings - Set of 2

Vintage Trailer Supply

Bargman No.9 Trim Rings - Set of 2

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Our new, improved No.9 trim rings are a work of art. They are identical to the originals except they are made of polished 300 series stainless steel rather than the chrome plated steel of the originals. That means our reproductions won't rust like the originals. We've even replicated the stamped lettering "NO. 9" on the front in the same style as the originals.

This price is for a set of 2 rings and 2 rubber gaskets. The screws to mount the rings to your trailer are not included because you may choose to use sheet metal screws or some other fastener. Screws used to mount the lens to the ring are also not included. Those screws are packaged with the No. 6 lenses we sell. Please click on the "Additional Photos" for a picture of the ring when installed.

In addition to Airstreams from the 1950s, these lenses have been seen on 1950s Rainbows, Aljoas and others.

Measure approximately 5-9/16" diameter.

NOTE: Bargman No. 8 and No. 9 trim rings are nearly identical. The different number was used by Bargman to differentiate between one-bulb and two-bulb fixtures. The No.8 rings were used on the light fixtures with a single #1157 bulb. The No. 9 trim rings were used on fixtures with one #1157 bulb and one #67 bulb. The No. 8 rings are not being reproduced so these rings are used instead.