Cleco Sheet Holders (Pkg of 25)

Cleco Sheet Holders (Pkg of 25)

Product Code: VTS-821


/ Pkg of 25

Cleco sheetmetal holders are the best tool to temporarily hold sheets of aluminum together (lapped over each other) for drilling or riveting. Drill the size hole needed for the rivet and insert the Cleco. The Cleco will securely clamp the sheets together while you drill additional holes or secure rivets.

Easily install and remove with Cleco pliers. Can be reused many, many times.

  • Copper color Clecos clamp through 1/8" diameter holes.
  • Black color Clecos clamp through 5/32" diameter holes.
  • Brass color Clecos clamp through 3/16" diameter holes.

The 5/32" Olympic rivets we sell are used with the 5/32" Clecos. We sell buck rivets in 1/8" and 5/32" size. Most original rivets in Airstreams and other aircraft style trailers are 1/8" size. Our belly pan rivets are 3/16".

Will clamp up to 1/4" metal thickness.

Price is for 25 Clecos. For larger projects, you will want 50 or more. Count the number of rivets used on the panel you are replacing and plan on using them in most of the holes.