e360 Extreme Density 120 Ah Lithium Battery


e360 Extreme Density 120 Ah Lithium Battery

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Upgrade the heart of your vintage trailer to Lithium Iron Phosphate with VPR 4EVER deep cycle house batteries.

Engineered with LiFePO4 chemistry, an advanced lithium technology that optimizes power and performance, the VPR 4EVER battery strikes the perfect balance between price and performance. The Group 27 120Ah size means you’ll be able to charge faster, stay longer and go further with this essential RV/Marine power upgrade.

We believe that it is time to think of deep cycle trailer batteries as appliances rather than as consumables.  For too long, batteries have been heavy and inconvenient.  They are replaced every handful of years and often leave us disappointed and stranded at the wrong times.  VPR 4EVER batteries are an investment in a much better travel trailer experience.  Like a refrigerator or other appliances in your trailer, it must work predictably, and last a long time.  That's what these next generation of batteries do.

VPR by EXPION360 is the industry leader in capacity, life cycles, discharge and light efficiency for RV batteries.

  • Longer life cycles: Exceed 2,000 full cycles at 100% depth of discharge! Many times longer than lead acid.
  • Very low self discharge rate: Less than 2% monthly
  • Incredibly light weight at only 29.8 pounds per battery!
  • Better performance in high and low temperatures
  • Higher discharge power if desired for heavy loads: 6X Times Lead Acid
  • Saves money: Cell cycle life up to 8-10 years
  • Less charge time: 2-3x Faster
  • Safer: No off-gassing. No fire risk.
  • Better overall RVing experience
  • Lithium does not freeze
  • Group 27 size at approximately 12" x 7" x 9" high.
  • Maintenance free
  • Warranty: 12 years!
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