Globe for Humphrey Gas Lights

Globe for Humphrey Gas Lights

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Many trailers on the road today are still using propane lights. They're one of the best ways to extend your battery life when boondocking.

This half frosted Pyrex globe fits old Humphrey Opalite 3T gas lights like those pictured. Also fits newer styles of Humphrey and also some Sunbeam lamps. Does not fit Humphrey models 5, 6 or 7. Fits on some Veritas gas lights.

Measures approximately 5-3/4" in diameter and 4" high. Bottom opening is approximately 2" in diameter. Top rim is approximately 3-3/8" in diameter.

Like the originals, these globes are made of Pyrex, a heat resistant glass.

This is the globe only. Light is shown for perspective only.