Hand Pump

Hand Pump

Product Code: VTS-699


Get your water faster with this chrome hand pump. Not for use in a system with an electric demand pump.

Features high flow piston action and a long term prime lock handle position.

Base measures 3-1/4" x 2-3/4". Mounting holes are 3" apart. Requires 1-7/8" hole through counter top.

Includes 3/8" barb supply fitting.

Chrome plated plastic body. Metal spout and handle stem.

One year manufacturer's warranty.
Replaceable parts.

Operation tip: If the pump lever is in the "Hold Prime" position, the prime will hold for several days. The "Hold Prime" position is indicated with a sticker on the side of the pump. If the prime is lost, it is is likely caused by either a bad connection between the pump and the water supply tubing, or possibly by a hole in the supply tubing.

Winterizing tip: Position handle forward to release prime and drain the pump. In severe conditions, disconnect water line from bottom to prevent any standing water.