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Hehr Standard Backframe Gasket

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Hehr Standard Backframe Gasket

Product Code: VTS-199
$34.99 - $99.99

This black gasket is used on Hehr Standard windows and on many 1950s and 1960s baggage compartments.

On windows, it fits around the part of the window frame that is riveted or screwed to the trailer wall (known as the backframe).

The gasket's flap is compressed between the window frame and the trailer skin. For that reason, installation of this gasket requires removing the entire window frame from the trailer wall. The D-shape bulb is the cushion against which the front frame of the window closes. This creates a good water and air seal.

This gasket was used on the Hehr Standard windows used by Airstream (1952-58... and sometimes as late as 1960) and many other trailer manufacturers in the late 1940s through the early 1970s. It is also used on some utility doors on vintage trailers. It is a replica of original Hehr part number 009-101.

This gasket is made of premium silicone rubber. Read below for why.

Requires adhesive to apply. For adhesive, we recommend black or clear silicone RTV Adhesive. In general, silicone RTV makes an excellent adhesive for all our silicone rubber gaskets. Caution: do not allow excess adhesive to dry where you don't want it!

Available in several lengths.


Why Silicone Rubber?

Premium silicone rubber seals are extremely resistant to wear, ageing, weather influences, ozone and UV-light. That means they don't shrink or crack over time like inexpensive vinyl rubber.  Silicone has excellent temperature stability in hot and cold climates. It does not "compression set" or deform permanently when compressed. 

Description Above Price
  • Made of premium silicone rubber
  • UV-stable so will not shink or crack over time