International Shipping Taxes and Fees


We want you to know what to expect when you shop with us from outside the United States.

International customs clearance can be a complicated and bureaucratic process. You may need to pay duty, taxes or fees when you receive your package outside the United States. 

We ship internationally using either FedEx or the United States Postal Service (USPS). Both carriers try to streamline the process for you, but it can still be frustrating when fees are added or packages are held at the border. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand the shipping and Customs clearance policies of whichever carrier you choose.

When you select FedEx International Economy shipping
  • FedEx will handle Customs clearance end-to-end.  That means they will move your order across your border and clear your Customs for you and deliver to your address.  You will not pay a Customs Brokerage fee, as it is already built into your shipping rate.
  • However, if your government requires you to pay duties or taxes (like VAT, GST) at the border to your Customs agency, FedEx will pay those taxes to your government on your behalf and then you will need to reimburse FedEx.
  • This process of paying on your behalf is called Advancement. FedEx will charge you an Advancement Fee of 2.5% of the money advanced on your behalf. And there is a country-specific advancement fee minimum of $10 to $20.   Some countries may even charge taxes on the Advancement Fee itself.
  • Here's a good link to see country-specific FedEx Import Fees.

When you select USPS International Air shipping
  • The United States Postal Service hands the package off to your country's postal service at your border.
  • You may pay fees to your postal service.  However, since policies vary dramatically by country.  We cannot predict how your postal service will handle the process on your end. You may need to ask your local postal service for a chart of fees they may charge you.

By understanding the way carriers interact with your government's Customs agency, you can avoid many surprises.

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