J Molding

J Molding

Product Code: VTS-708L


This aluminum J-shaped molding is designed to fit around 1/16" thick material, making it perfect for edging on wheel wells on many Airstreams. When installed, a 3/16" trim will show on the outside. Overall dimension is 5/8"

Because this material is tempered, it is very stiff and does not bend easily. To make the bend around the wheel well, it will need to be heated with a propane or acetylene torch. Your goal is to soften it but not to completely remove the temper. If you remove the temper, you will have a limp noodle. Practice with a scrap piece and you will learn to achieve excellent results. Some of our customers have reviewed the product and you may find their reviews helpful for picking up tips.

  • Satin anodized aluminum.
  • 94" long.
  • Punched on back at least once every inch for fasteners.



Due to its length, this item and other long items like it are shipped together in a PVC pipe to protect them from damage in transit. The PVC pipe will be shipped using FedEx. We are able to ship to the United States and Canada.