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Light Diffuser - Rectangular

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Light Diffuser - Rectangular

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Restore your midcentury lighting.

For many years, we had this inside light cover made for our customers with 1965 and 1966 Airstreams. It was a very good reproduction, but we determined that Airstream had used two slightly different size bases and that the reproduction we made was a much better fit for one of the bases than the other.

By redesigning the original just a little, we have dramatically improved the diffuser and it can now fit either base with some trimming. As of Fall 2018, the diffuser is now also supplied with the decorative aluminum insert. We're thrilled to be able to add that component to the assembly to make your replacement work easier.

It is made of strong, heat-resistant polycarbonate, rather than the original low-grade plastic which melted in the heat. It fits on the original base using your original rotary switch. It will make your fixture look brand new.

  • Overall size: 13.63"L x 4.75"W x 2.00"D.
  • Recessed surface (with switch hole) is 1.64" from mounting surface.

This is the plastic diffuser and decorative aluminum insert only. You must reuse your original base and switch.

We also sell a rotary switch that fits this fixture.

Please note: Airstream used two different bases that look very similar. One was slightly larger than the other. This diffuser fits both but may require trimming.. If your base has 4 large holes in the base, this diffuser fits without trimming. If your base has dozens of small holes in the base, you will need to trim the flange off the perimeter edge to get it to fit down inside the lip.


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Now includes aluminum insert!