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LS 348 Marker Light

Vintage Trailer Supply

LS 348 Marker Light

Product Code: VTS-326



The LS348 or KD522 marker light was used on 1975 to 1978 Airstreams and on a few other vehicles in the 1970s.

This is a complete assembly that includes the base, bulbs and lens. For years, we reproduced only the lens by having it hand made in small quantities. We did not have the unique base. However, as of December 2015, we are now offering the entire assembly produced by high quality injection moulding. It's really nice to be able to replace the entire 40-year old unit.

The lens measures approximately 3.75" long and 2" wide. It fits in a rectangular base in the taillight array.

Comes with one complete assembly with two bulbs and one lead wire. Grounds through mounting screw.

Red lens is not sold separately.

Description Above Price A quality reproduction of
the complete assembly for
1970s Airstreams!