Plastic Gravity Water Fill

Plastic Gravity Water Fill

Product Code: VTS-2208


This ABS plastic gravity water fill is mounted on the outside of your trailer. Like the vintage version it replaces, it has a top-fill door is hinged and is secured with a sliding lock.

Please check to make sure this size is a good replacement for your original, as there were a several sizes historically. It has an overall width of 3-1/4" and an overall height of 2-3/4".

It has three holes in the flange for mounting. The top two holes are 2-1/2" apart.

In order to accommodate a wide variety of hose diameters, it has a graduated 1-3/8″ or 1-1/8" barbed inlet. Just push the hose on further if you have the larger diameter.

Almond in color.