Rescued Window Screen for 1969+ Airstreams

AU$171.06 - AU$223.13

VTS Rescued

Rescued Window Screen for 1969+ Airstreams

We have a few rescued screen frames from 1969+ Airstreams. 

The frames are used and will need to be repainted and new screen and spline installed.  In addition, the fuzzy seal on the side slots is worn, damaged or missing.

Please check dimensions carefully.  The 24" tall versions were used on fronts and backs and the 22" tall versions were used on sides. 

Side slots on all vesions are approximately 9" tall but vary in vertical position on the frame.  Please match to your existing if possible.  Generally slot higher up on the sides of the frame are for the flat bar window operators and the slots lower down on the sides are for the round rod window operators.  But please double check because there are variations even on a single trailer.

All are made of aluminum and are at least 40 years old. 

All photos are representative only.