Screen Frame - Extruded 5/16" x 3/4"

Screen Frame - Extruded 5/16" x 3/4"

Product Code: VTS-301


Our extruded mill finish aluminum screen frame material allows you to cost-effectively make high quality window screen frames for your vintage trailer.  It is very similar in dimensions to the original screens used in Hehr 1600 series jalousie windows, and common in many vintage trailer windows of other designs. 

Being extruded rather than roll-formed like the original means that it will be strong and much less likely to bend with use.

Just cut to a miter 45 degree corner and insert our VTS-095 metal concealed insert corner splices.  Then use our VTS-303 spline and any insect mesh material.  This smaller 5/16 thick frame fits well with many vintage trailer windows that had removabl insect screens originally.

72" long. Cut to length.

  • 72" long
  • 0.75" wide
  • 0.31" thick
  • 0.026" wall thickness
  • Uses 0.15" diameter spline with aluminum screen material


Hehr 1600 Series Screen Frame Cutting Tip

On Hehr 1600 series windows, the frame is held in with gravity.  To remove the old frame, lift up into the top retaining channel and pull the lower edge of the screen frame toward you from inside the trailer.  Size your new frame to match.  If you do not have an old screen, cut the outside dimension of the new frame to 1/16" narrower than the width opening.  Cut the height to 3/8" taller than the height of the opening. This extra height allows the frame to catch in both the upper and lower retaining channels when installed.