Shaver Tool for Olympic Rivets

Shaver Tool for Olympic Rivets

Product Code: VTS-177

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$394.99 - $424.99

The smaller 5/32" size of this tool is used by every Airstream service center and independent restoration shop.

This high-quality tool fits any standard drill and shaves the corresponding diameter of Olympic Bulb-Tite rivets to give a solid rivet appearance. The finished 5/32" diameter rivets look nearly identical to the original factory-installed rivets on Airstreams and some other aluminum skin trailers. The 3/16" and 1/4" diameter rivets are used in special applications.

The tool features a concave shaving bit and an adjustable depth stop. Once you set the depth stop to the desired depth, the shave bit plunges down on the rivet and shapes the mandrel and head to a perfectly formed dome shape. See additional photos for a parts diagram.

This tool isn't cheap, but if you're installing more than a handful of rivets, it will save you time and frustration. And the finished look is outstanding.


Please Read This Caution

You must match the tool diameter to the size of Olympic rivets you are shaving.  This tool should never be used on any rivets other than all aluminum Olympic Bulb-Tite shaveable rivets.  Any other use of this tool is likely to damage it.  The shavin bit should be spinning at high speed before it plunges down on the head of the rivet. 



GESIPA installation tools are covered under a 12 month warranty from the date of delivery, to be proved by invoice. The warranty applies to the user/purchaser when sold through an authorized distributor. Normal wearing parts and or damage due to improper use are excluded from the warranty. Damages caused by material or manufacturing faults will be covered by this warranty and will be repaired or replaced at no cost. Claims can only be accepted if the complete riveting tool (not disassembled) is returned to the distributor or GESIPA.
General instructions for Use
Olympic Rivet Shavers are designed to give 5/32”, 3/16” or 1/4” bulb-tite rivets a finished look that closely matches solid brazier head rivets.
The Rivet Shaver installs into the chuck of a standard electric or battery power drill. When the shave tool is in the cutting position on a rivet, the cutting bit can be plunged towards the nose of the tool with downward pressure on the drill. When pressure on the drill is released, the cutting head retracts back into the tool  An adjustable collet sets the preferred cutting depth so that only the top surface of the rivet is shaved off. 
To adjust that cutting depth to precisely shave only as deep as necessary, retract the spring loaded adjustment collar, then screw the nose piece in or out and to allow the cutting blade tip to be closer or farther from the end of the tool when plunged.
To use the Rivet Shaver, first install the bulb-tite rivet using standard blind rivet tools. Insert the rivet into the hole and set the rivet. The mandrel will break, but it is normal for a small piece of the mandrel to remain above the head of the rivet. Cut off the remaining mandrel as close to the head of the rivet as possible using a side cutter or diagonal cutter. Then using the Rivet Shaver, shave the end of the mandrel flush with the head by plunging the tool down on the head. The depth should be set to remove a small amount of the head too.
To prevent damage to the blade, make sure the blade is turning at full speed before plunging it down on the rivet. That completes the rivet installation and shaving process.