Rivet Removal Tool

Rivet Removal Tool

Product Code: VTS-497


Our rivet removal tool easily and accurately removes dome head buck rivets and blind rivets by drilling out only the head.

It offers 3 primary advantages over other methods of rivet removal:

  1. Significantly faster because you do not have to dimple or pilot-drill each rivet.
  2. Reduces likelihood of ovaling holes in sheet.
  3. Prevents bits from slipping off rivet heads and scratching aluminum.
Simply attach rivet remover to a drill (not included), slide one guide and drill bit into tool, adjust drill depth to remove only the rivet head and drill away.

Tool accepts cobalt and HSS threaded bits.

Set includes guides and drill bits to remove many 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16" rivets. The set also comes with a 3/32" guide but no drill bit is provided for the guide because that size is rarely used on vintage trailers.

Bits included are: #30, #21 and #11. Bits are 135 degree split point cobalt bits. Typically bits last a long time, but you may want to buy extra bits to avoid delays while working if a bit breaks or becomes dull.

We do recommend purchasing a Noxon punch for areas where you may have obstructions in the way of holding the rivet remover perfectly perpendicular to the trailer skin. This happens around vents, taillights and other protrusions.

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