Top Wind Jack - 1000 Lb Tongue Weight

Top Wind Jack - 1000 Lb Tongue Weight

Product Code: VTS-311


This great top wind tongue jack can usually be installed in your existing trailer coupler.

It is coated with a rust inhibitive process called E-coat. The coating exceeds the ASTM standard 2000 hour salt spray test. The coating can also serve as primer for custom paint finishes when properly sanded before re-coating.

The jack incorporates precision molded, heat treated, copper alloyed metal gears and nuts along with high performance bearings.The internal screw is coated from top to bottom with a specially formulated lubricant that provides increased protection against wear and corrosion.

  • Outer tube OD is 1-7/8"
  • Inner tube OD is 1-5/8"
  • Jack stands 12-1/2" above mounting plate.
  • When retracted, tube extends 8" below mounting plate.
  • When extended, tube extends 21-1/2" below mounting plate.
  • Fastener holes in mounting plate are spaced 3" apart and allow for a small amount of adjustability.
  • Jack feet and casters are sold separately.