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Window Gear Operator - 9-7/8"

Vintage Trailer Supply

Window Gear Operator - 9-7/8"

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Our custom crank operators are the best replacements available for the originals used on many Hehr windows from the mid-1950s through the 1960s.

They work very well on Hehr Standard windows and are an acceptable substitute for Hehr Hall-Mark 12 windows.

  • Overall length is 9-7/8"
  • Measures 7-11/16" from the pivot point to the hole at the end of the arm
  • Mounting holes are 3" apart

Our operators have a 1/4" diameter hole in the tip of the arm to accommodate the Hehr nylon friction pads (included!) which were used on many windows in the 1950s and 1960s. This minor detail will make your restoration much easier. A swivel handle completes the quality assembly. This is very similar to original

It was used on many windows including the the 15-1/8" and 18-5/8" Hall-Mark 12 windows. It can be substituted in for the similar part 008-131 on the Hall-Mark 17 windows and the 14" and 18" A and AF single pane Hehr Standard windows. It was also used on the Hehr 979 Roof Ventilator (aluminum roof vent).  It will work just fine on the 11-5/8" high and 8-1/8" high Hehr Hall-Mark 12 and Hall-Mark 17 windows in that case. And it will work on the 9" and 11" A and AF single pane Hehr Standard windows and Hehr dual and tri 4-pane tiered windows.

Hehr part number 008-134 and 008-131.


TIP: If your window requires this style operator but with a shorter arm, you can cut the arm to length and re-drill the hole.