Rack Operator for Philips Window

Rack Operator for Philips Window

Product Code: VTS-288


This rack type operator is a replacement for early Philips Industries window operators. It works on many windows. It is an excellent fit on early 1960s Serro Scotty jalousie door windows, and for the windows on 1966 to 1968 Airstreams.

It will make your window operate like new again! It does not come with a handle (but the original handle will fit). Or you can upgrade to one of our swivel handles VTS-324.

It comes with a 1-1/2" link that goes between the top of the operator and the long link that connects the louvers in jalousie windows, or up to the hinge on Airstream windows.

The long link and other parts are not included.

Expect to make modifications to the operator for some applications.  For instance, if you have have a 1966-68 Airstream you may need our ITM-288A adapter kit that creates a protruing stud at the circular eye is at the end of the rack.

The rack is approximately 6" long. Mounting holes are 1-3/4" on center.