Bucking Bar

Bucking Bar

Product Code: VTS-825

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A bucking bar is used to form the "shop head" or back end of a solid rivet. It is held against the tail of the rivet while a pneumatic rivet hammer delivers a series of blows against the factory dome head.

There are dozens of shapes and sizes of bucking bars available in the aircraft industry. We offer this "heel-toe" shape bar because it is the best all-around bucking bar for general riveting. The configuration allows easy access to tight areas, the weight is perfect for small and large rivets, and it is easy to hold and control.

Weighs 1.9 pounds. Made of precision cast iron and heat-treated to proper specifications. All sharp edges are deburred and working surfaces are polished for trouble-free use. All working surfaces can be re-polished with Scotchbrite without changing the hardness.

When using a bucking bar, keep as much mass of the bar as possible directly in line with the percussion of the gun through the rivet body.