Bulkhead Wall Moulding (94" Length)

Bulkhead Wall Moulding (94" Length)

Product Code: VTS-711


This 94" long F-shaped extrusion mounts on the interior wall of your trailer and allows for a 1/4" thick sheet of plywood to be mounted perpendicular to it to form a bulkhead wall or other interior partition wall. With care and the heat from a torch, it can be bowed to fit the interior curved side walls of an Airstream or other aircraft style trailer. See drawing for detailed dimensions.

Made of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy with an attractive satin anodized finish.

Due to its length, this item and other long items like it are shipped together in a PVC pipe to protect them from damage in transit. The PVC pipe will be shipped using UPS or FedEx. We are able to ship to the United States and Canada.