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Olympic Riveting Kit Olympic Rivets Mandrel Trimmer Olympic Rivet Shaver
5/32" Olympic Riveting Kit
Great Kit Price: $306.21
Mandrel Trimmer
Our Price: $11.43
Everything you need to install 5/32" Olympic shave head rivets.

For a factory-original look on the exterior of an Airstream, Avion, Spartan or other riveted trailers.

Makes Olympic rivet installation easier. Shaves the heads of 5/32" Olympic Bulb-tite rivets, giving them a smooth, finished look.
Heavy Duty Riveter Long Arm Rivet Tool Large Flange Rivets Wide Flange Aluminum Pop Rivets 5/32" Diameter (Pkg of 100)
Heavy Duty Riveter
Our Price: $25.99
Long Arm Rivet Tool
Our Price: $45.99
Large Flange Rivets - 3/16" Diameter
Our Price: $9.95 / Pkg of 100
Large Flange Rivets - 5/32" Diameter
Our Price: $10.95 / Pkg of 100
A great riveter for everyday use. Get additional leverage on harder-to-pull rivets. Great for attaching aluminum sheets to the underside of a trailer. Great for attaching aluminum sheets to the underside of a trailer.
1/8" Stainless Rivets Aluminum Rivets 3/16" Stainless Rivets Clecos
Cleco Sheet Holders (Pkg of 25)
Our Price: $14.99 / Pkg of 25
Often used on critical jobs instead of aluminum. Basic, bare aluminum pop rivet for many applications. Larger rivet where strength is needed. Temporary clamps for doing sheetmetal installation.
Cleco Pliers Almond Rivets Olympic Rivet Shaver Bit Aluminum Rivet Washers
Cleco Pliers
Our Price: $7.99
Back-Up Washers for Rivets
Price: $2.99 / Pkg of 100
Use with Clecos. For inside your trailer. We don't expect you'll ever need one, but just in case... Aluminum Rivet Washers
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