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Glass Bar & Front of Hinge for 1966-68 Airstreams With Version 2 Window

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Glass Bar & Front of Hinge for 1966-68 Airstreams With Version 2 Window

Product Code: VTS-2357
¥9,976 - ¥15,047

If you have a 1966, 1967 or 1968 Airstream, you have beautiful "frameless" Phillips-Corning windows. We've sold replacement glass and many other replacement parts for more than a decade. However, if you are unfortunate enough to have lost the extruded aluminum glass bar that runs across the top of the glass, you cannot restore your windows because you cannot attach the glass to the hinge on the trailer.

Airstream used 3 different types of glass bar during those three years. We've named them Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3.

Type 1 was designed with the glass channel and the front half of the hinge all as a single extrusion. To repair it, simply bed a piece of glass in the channel of the bar with silicone caulk. Then hook the bar into the hinge. This Type 1 model was discontinued before the end of the 1966 model year for a reason unknown.

Type 2 was designed with two extrusions held together with set screws. This type kept the glass channel as the "glass bar" and the front half of the hinge separate but mating. This is the style we have reproduced. You can see the style in the drawing.

Type 3 was introduced in late 1967 or 1968. It has an entirely different way to attach the glass. and instead of a channel or slot in the glass bar, it used a clamp that came apart and would use two strips of double-sided foam tape to hold the glass in place.

We do not know if the Type 2 version we created will work interchangeably with the other style hinges.

Available in three lengths: 17-1/4", 29-1/4" and 39-1/4"

Glass sold separately.


Tips for glass installation:
  • To install the glass, you will need silicone RTV, a non-residual glass cleaner, 3/4" wide cloth adhesive first aid/surgical tape, and a razor blade scraper. 
  • Before inserting the glass, plan the lateral glass placement in the bar very carefully by taking detailed measurements of space between the glass and the ends of the bar, comparing it to other windows on your trailer to understand the gap needed between the glass and the opening of the trailer when the window is closed.
  • Clean the glass thoroughly where it will be inserted into the bar.  Remove all oils and finish with alcohol or another non residual cleaner. Petroleum based cleaners are not recommended because they leave oils behind.
  • Using 100% silicone RTV as the adhesive, fill the glass bar channel part way with the RTV.
  • Take a small piece of 3/4" wide by 1-1/2 long cotton first aid tape and fold it over the glass in two to three locations. Make sure to fold it so it goes up and over the edge the long way. The 3/4" width is all you see looking at the edge of the glass. This tape is going to act as a thin shim to more or less center the glass in the channel, making sure some adhesive remains on both sides of the glass and on the top edge after you insert the glass in the channel.
  • After the RTV has cured the next day, cut off any remaining visible tape and RTV to give a clean look.