1966-68 Airstream Window Glass

$94.00 - $134.00


1966-68 Airstream Window Glass

If you own a 1966, 1967 or 1968 Airstream, you know that the curved frameless windows are the feature that sets it apart. There's nothing more streamlined than those windows curving to the profile of the Airstream's body. Unfortunately, the old "chemically strengthened" glass was very thin and nowhere as strong as modern tempered glass. It frequently broke from small accidents....or fell out of the glass bar and broke on the ground. For more than a decade, Vintage Trailer Supply has offered curved tempered replacement glass for 1966-68 Airstream windows. We worked with members of the Vintage Airstream Club and with glass specialists to develop a product that looked great and is stronger than the original Corning glass. Read below for important technical information.

Although very similar to the original Corning glass, our replacement glass is not identical. It has a constant radial (aka "cylindrical") bend to it, while the Airstream's body has a variable radius shape, being more curved at the top and more flat at the bottom of the window. It is far superior to plastic replacement sheet but the fit is not perfect. The curve of the glass will be very close to the curvature of your Airstream's shell, but not identical. You will only notice the difference a few inches up from the bottom on either side where it will appear to not quite lie flat to the window frame. The difference between the curve in the glass and the curve of your trailer will not cause a practical operational or water sealing problem. It is simply a slightly noticeable aesthetic issue. No other glass is available from any source. Flat glass is used on the front and back of the trailer.

  • 1/8" Thick Tempered Safety Glass
  • Meets ASTM Standards
  • Pencil Edges

If you are missing the top bar that holds the glass, we sell that too.  And we have nearly every other piece of hardware for these windows.

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