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Glass Clip for 1966-68 Airstreams

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Glass Clip for 1966-68 Airstreams

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These metal clips fit on the bottom edge of the glass on 1966 to 1968 Airstream windows. They are fabricated from heavy gauge 304 stainless steel.

The price shown is per clip. Two or three are needed for each piece of glass, depending on the width of the window.

These clips come in two sizes to accommodate the two thicknesses of glass used on these trailers: 3/32" or 1/8". It is very important to order the correct size. One size does NOT fit all.

  • 3/32" clips fit well on original 3/32" glass marked "Corning."
  • 1/8" clipsfit well on 1/8" thick replacement glass or plastic. They are too big for the original 3/32" thick glass. If you have a 1968 Airstream with the decorative stainless trim around the edges of your glass, you will need to butt the trim up to these clips. They will not fit over the trim.

Clips are attached to the glass with a dab of silicone. The bottom of the channel in the clip is slightly wider than the glass. When installing, we recommend using a pair of pliers (padded) to gently bend the channel closed just enough to create slight friction with the glass. This will help it stay in place until the silicone cures.

REMEMBER: You save 50¢ per clip when you buy 12 or more in a single order!

Description Above Price SAVE 50¢ PER CLIP WHEN ORDERING 12 OR MORE!