Glazing Tape (50' Reel)

Glazing Tape (50' Reel)

Product Code: VTS-137

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This premium butyl glass bedding tape is 1/4" wide and 1/16" thick. Its small dimensions make it very hard to find in local stores.

It works perfectly when placed behind the glass and on top of the aluminum front frame of the window on Hehr windows that are used on most Airstreams from 1958 to 1965.

Click on the photo thumbnails to see a cross-section photo of the detail of a Hehr Hall-Mark 12 window used from 1961-1965 on Airstreams. Other awning-style windows use it in a similar way.

This is a 100% solid crosslinked polyisobutylene, preformed sealant. Since it is self-adhesive, it requires no additional adhesives to attach. Just place on the window frame and set the glass on it.

Color is black, but the tape will be entirely hidden behind a glazing strip on most windows, so color does not matter.

It comes on a 50' spool.