Rotary Switch for 3-Way Fixture

Rotary Switch for 3-Way Fixture

Product Code: VTS-432


This 2-circuit, 3-way rotary switch fits the square and rectangular ceiling fixtures used in 1965 to 1971 Airstreams and some Streamlines of the era.

It has 4 positions and works with 2 sockets or 2 sets of sockets.

The 4 positions are:

  • OFF
  • Circuit 1 ON
  • Circuit 2 ON
  • Circuits 1 and 2 ON

It is rated to 6 amps. Many original switches were rated to only 3 amps, but read the rating on your current switch or add up the draw of your light bulbs to determine whether this is adequate.

Hard-to-find long length works with the original diffusers and replacement diffusers. Threaded portion extends 1-1/8" from top of switch base (1-1/2" from bottom of base).

It comes with a brass knob threaded onto the switch. The original plastic knobs do not fit the switch.

Wiring Tip: The 3 leads are labeled L, 1 and 2 on back side of black base. L is the black wire and it goes to your line voltage (hot/positive). The blue and red wires go the bulbs.