Round Recessed Stainless Light Can

Round Recessed Stainless Light Can

Product Code: VTS-584


stainless taillightThis recessed canister is the best replacement for the canister originally used with mid-1950s Bargman No. 9 or No. 8 recessed taillights. It has 3 mounting holes, instead of 4, but it is easy to drill new holes and the originals will be hidden under the No. 9 trim ring.

The heavy gauge stainless steel construction is far superior to the original painted steel version.

It mounts flush to the vehicle and then is covered with the No. 9 trim ring. The No. 6 lens mounts to the trim ring.

Includes an 1157 bulb and wiring.

  • 1.58" deep
  • 5.38" overall diameter
  • 4.38" cutout in trailer

TIPS: You want your taillights to be as bright as possible. This canister will reflect light off the back of the canister and out the lens better than a dark metal canister. To make it even more reflective, line the back with aluminum foil tape. ***Because this is a reproduction part and not the original light can,(which is now obsolete and unavailable), slight enlarging of the opening in your trailer may be required when installing.

WIRING NOTE: This taillight has one 1157 bulb. An 1157 bulb is an indexed two-filament bulb. That means that it has two filaments of different sizes. The brighter filament is wired to your turn signal and your brake. The dimmer filament is wired to the running lights. There is no ground wire. The bulb is grounded to your trailer body through the canister.