Simple Sink Drain

Simple Sink Drain

Product Code: VTS-2055


This complete sink drain system is designed especially for small trailers with only a single sink and no holding tanks. It allows for discharge of sink gray water directly out the sidewall of the trailer or underneath the trailer. The outlet is a garden hose connection. Simply attach a gray hose like VTS-132 to it and drain into a portable gray tank or other suitable waste system.

The sink end of the drain will accept a standard 1-1/2"-11.5 threaded drain fitting. We recommend screwing directly to the bottom of an elongated drain like our VTS-719.

The compact drain trap is made of durable, chemical resistant polypropylene. The evacuation flange is made of durable ABS construction with UV stabilizers. 25 inches of 3/4" ID hose connects the two parts. A standard male garden hose thread is kept closed with a female cap on the terminal end.

The downside to this setup is that there is no vent. Normally that isn't a problem with such a simple plumbing system, but if you experience a slow draining sink, you can add a vent outside your trailer by placing a wye (Y) in the garden hose between the trailer and the portable tank.