Table Hinge Kit

Table Hinge Kit

Product Code: VTS-520

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This heavy metal hinge assembly is easy to install and allows your table to be lowered to bed level. Comes with wire hinge and all hardware necessary to adjust table to both levels. Lower position is approximately 14" below upper position. Not to be used on tables narrower than 26-1/4".

The hinge bar in this kit is not removable from the wall once mounted. However, hinge brackets are available separately that allow the bar to be easily removed from the wall (VTS-2366).

Leg sold separately.


  • Place the table upside down on a bench with the end even with (or slightly extended over) the edge. Hang the rod on the table and center.
  • Place the J-3 catch brackets over the rod ends and with the lip of the bracket held up against the table, screw in place. In all instances leave enough space between the edge of the brackets and rod bends to minimize binding.
  • With the rod in the same position, turn the table over and place on cleats up against the wall. NOTE: The J-4 brackets must be held in position firmly on the hinge rod when mounting.
  • Raise the table to the up position and place the J-1 catch plates over the exposed ends of the rod catch bracket and center.
  • Bring the catches down as far as feasible (if possible to the top of the table) and fasten the two top holes to the wall.
  • Since the bottom holes are normally below the top of the table, it is necessary to drop the table to the down position to complete this fastening of the catch plates to the wall.