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Teardrop Marker Light

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Teardrop Marker Light

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For many years, teardrop marker lights were the clearance/marker light of choice on travel trailers. They began to appear in the early 1950s under the Bargman 48 name and model, and continued on through the 1970s on some trailers. Several brands like KD, Triangle, Pathfinder 662, Reflect-O-Lite and others had their own versions.

Originally, back in the 50s, the lights were of high quality, being made of a chrome plated steel with a quality lens, gaskets to keep them dry, and good internal components. As time went on, the quality dropped.

Up until 2014, an aluminum version was available that used the same general shape and shared the same 3-hole mounting hole locations. It was an acceptable substitute for the earlier version made by Bargman, but there were a few key differences: The aluminum backplate was a slightly different profile and very thin and easily bent. The lead wire did not fish through the backplate in the same location as the old Bargmans. The lens was thinner plastic and it no longer had gaskets so water would get behind the lens. Light output was dim from a small incandescent bulb. Overall, they were acceptable, but not ideal. That's the only version that was available for the last few decades so we sold it. That aluminum base version is now obsolete.

In 2015, we set off to develop a premium reproduction of the original Bargman version. We decided to make it to our high quality standards but in the old style. Here are the features of our reproduction:

  • LED printed circuit board construction for low energy consumption (approximately 0.2 amps each).
  • High light output for safety.
  • Gaskets under lens and under the head of the lens screw to reduce the likelihood of water infiltration.
  • Thicker plastic lens in the original pattern.
  • Polished stainless steel backplate and lens screw for no rust!
  • The backplate is in the old 1950s shape so slightly more stylized than the aluminum backplates.
  • Wire lead exits light in the same position as the original Bargman did rather than in the position of the aluminum version.
  • Voltage fluctuation tolerance from 9-volts to 15-volts DC.
  • Numerous other improvements you'll love when you see it.

We're proud of our reproduction. We hope you like it!

The backing plate is 4-7/8" x 3" edge to edge. The two holes at the wide end are 2-7/16" on center. And it is 4-1/4" on center from the hole at the narrow end to either of the two holes at the wide end. The lens itself is approximately 3 7/8" long and 1 5/8" wide at the screw hole. The screw hole is approximately 2" OC from the narrow end of the lens.

*These lights are sold individually (not in pairs as seen in the photo of one red and one amber light).
lease select either AMBER or RED when ordering a teardrop marker light.

Description Above Price
  • Brighter & Safer
  • Long life LED
  • Stainless Steel Bases!
  • Price Is For One Light