VIP 3500 Power Jack

VIP 3500 Power Jack

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The VIP 3500 Power Jack has a lifting capacity of 3,500 pounds.  It's reputation for quality and durability are unmatched.  There are many economy power jacks available, but we think it is well worth a few extra dollars to avoid an inconvenient failure on the road or needing to replace the jack after just a year or to.  This is the power jack Airstream is using on its new trailer.

The durable VIP 3500 is sealed at the bottom of the inner tube to keep moisture and dirt from the precision screws and nuts. A special heavy-duty foot pad prevents “sink-in” in soft ground or asphalt.

Each VIP 3500 Jack is equipped with a waterproof up and down switch and an on/off switch that operates the night light. Just flip the switch and have convenient illumination when you hitch up or unhitch after dark, or if you need an aid to find that important item in the rear of your tow vehicle.

Don’t worry if you can’t find your level to set up your unit. The patented built-in level on the top of the head makes it easy to see when you are raising or lowering your trailer. A “crank-thru” feature (just turn off the level on the top of the head) permits you to use the emergency handle (included) to raise or lower your trailer if you have a battery failure.

VIP jacks are equipped with 10 gauge hook-up wire and an in-line fuse to meet RVIA standards. All parts are aluminum, powder coated and zinc plated steel tubing, plastic, and stainless steel for maximum rust resistance. 


This modern style jack has a great reputation for quality and a lot of features that make it a good value. It has an emergency crank-through head with the crank through wrench included.  That's a nice feature in case of battery failure. 

Includes a level and a night light. Powder coated and plated finish on tubes. 10 gauge wire hookup to meet RVIA standards.

  • Comes with foot plate
  • 18" stroke
  • 2" tube
  • Made in USA
  • 2-Year Manufacturer's warranty
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  • This jack is ships to you directly from the manufacturer approximately 1 week after ordering.