55" x 44" x 5" Fresh Water Tank (Airstream 1970-75)

55" x 44" x 5" Fresh Water Tank (Airstream 1970-75)

Product Code: VTS-641


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This 55-1/2" x 44" x 5-1/4" tank is typically used to hold fresh water. Frequently used in 1970-1975 Airstreams, this tank holds a generous 45 gallons of water. Choose either the 1970-1975 Airstream stock fittings, or custom fitting locations. We can install fittings wherever you like.

Technical Specs

55-1/2" x 44" x 5-1/4" (allow 1/4" variability)
45 gallon capacity
Food grade (NSF 51) polyethylene (LLDPE)

How to Order Customized Option:

1) Read the tank Design Tips document
2) Print the Diagram Worksheet
3) Draw your tank diagram and complete the worksheet
4) Place your order online or over the phone
5) Write your order number on your worksheet
6) Email your Diagram Worksheet to

Please Note:
Due to the size of this tank, it ships separately and is unboxed. Expect it to arrive in good condition with some cosmetic marks from shipping and handling. This tank ships directly from the manufacturer.

To install this tank, you must remove the belly pan. You cannot do it from the top side because a steel stringer (thus the odd top shape of the tank) prevents you from getting the tank out. When you do remove the belly pan you will see a piece of plywood that supports the tank. That plywood is supported by an angle iron frame. The plywood slides in place from one end of that frame and then is secured with a removable piece of angle iron. You wanted to remove the belly pan anyway, right?

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