Baggage Door Lock - Old Style

Baggage Door Lock - Old Style

Product Code: VTS-586

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This lock is used when your existing baggage compartment lock is concealed between the inner and outer skins of your baggage compartment door, with the latch bolt extending out the edge of the door.

This style was commonly used on some 1950s and early 1960s Airstreams, 1950s Shastas and other trailers. They were originally brass plated. We offer them in both brass plated and brushed chrome plated finished. We also offer either horizontal or vertical mount.

  • Cylinder is 7/8" diameter.
  • Cylinder extends 1-1/16" from back of lock.
  • Mounting holes are 1-7/16" apart.
  • 11/32" throw.
  • Requires minimum of 3/4" from mounting holes to edge of door.
  • Each lock comes with two keys