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Window Operator - Gear 7-11/16" Metal Extension for Swivel Handle Nylon Friction Pad Clearview Operator
Nylon Friction Pad
Our Price: $3.45
Clear-View Operator
Our Price: $23.99
Quality replacements for Hehr windows. Swivel handle extensions. Used on many crank-open Hehr windows and vents. Heavy duty quality for some late 1950s and 1960s windows.
Clearview Window Tracks Rack Operator for Philips Window Rack Operator for Hehr 2400 and 2700 Windows Hehr 008-101 Vent Window Operator
Great with our Clearview operators. Fits 1966-68 Airstreams or early 1960s Serro Scottys. For many jalousie windows starting in the late 1950s. Replaces the Hehr operator on small windows in 1950s Airstreams, Silver Streaks and others.
Jalousie Window Operator Hehr Window Lock Boler Torque Bar Window Operator Side Mount Operator w/ Notch
Our kit fits most jalousie windows used on vintage trailers.

Same size and shape as the original.

Used on Bolers and other brands of trailers. Works on some 1964 Airstreams and other windows.
Premiere Window Operator Slant Sill Window Operator Aluminum Drip Moulding Center Mount Operator
This side mount operator is used with 3/8" square torque bars.  It has a 1/2" square opening in he hub.  The hub projects 1/8".  This is the most common version and considered a right hand model.  It should be used with our swivel handles (sold separately). For many 1970s trailers. Quality extruded gutter helps keep water out of windows. 5/16" center mount operator. 1-1/4" x 1" mounting hole dimensions (center to center).
Center Mount Operator - Hex Bar Swivel Handle Metal Tee Handle Serro Scotty Jalousie Glass Holders
Metal Tee Handle
Price: $7.89
5/16" center mount operator for hex shaped torque bar A nice two-piece turn handle.

Upgrade from plastic handles.

Replacements for broken or missing jalousie windows.
Jalousie Glass Holders 013-157 Vintage Trailer Drip Cap Hehr Standard Fasteners Window Back frame Grommet
Replacements for broken or missing jalousie windows. Our drip caps are the correct shape for vintage trailers. For restoring all Hehr Standard windows.

For crank-style Hehr Standard windows. Upgrade to stainless steel.

Hehr Window Lever 9" Window Lever - 5" Hehr Window Lever 5" Hehr Window Lever 8"
Window Lever - 5"
Our Price: $14.65
Hehr Lever Operator 606
Our Price: $11.95
For manual operating Hehr Standard windows For many late 1940s and early 1950s trailer windows. For manual operating Hehr windows For manual operating Hehr Standard windows
Hehr Link Lever 613 Clutch Head Screw Bits Window Hinges 1969+ Serro Scotty Jalousie Window Header or Sill Section
Hehr Link Lever 613
Our Price: $9.99
For some Hehr Standard windows. Special shaped screwdriver bits for vintage screws. Hinges for framed jalousie windows. Build your own jalousie window.
Jalousie Window Side Strips 835 Philips Hinges Hehr Standard Front Channel Nylon Torque Bar Bearing
Build your own jalousie window. One of several versions of jalousie hinge. For 1950s-70s Hehr Standard windows with gear operators. Fits 1/2" round bars.
Nylon Phillips Torque Bar Bearing Torque Bar Bearing-Zinc 1/2" Round Bar...1-5/16" CC Mounting Holes Torque Bar Bearing: Bottom Mount Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 7/8" High
1/2" inside diameter. For 1/2" round bar. Fits 1/2" round bars. Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 7/8" High
Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 1-1/16" High Nylon Torque Bar Bearing: 1/2" ID x 13/16" High Black Nylon Torque Bar Bearing Phillips Torque Bar Arm
Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 1-1/16" High Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 3/4" High For 1/2" round bars. For 1/2" round bars.
Torque Arm for Hehr Hallmark 2600 Multi-Tork Windows Torque Bar Arm for 3/8" Square Bar 3/8" Square Torque Bar 1/2" Round Torque Bar
For 1/2" round bars. 1-9/16" long. 48" long. Cut to length. Works on many vintage windows.
836 Philips Hinges 786 Philips Hinges Hehr Hall-Mark 12 Front Frame Sides and Bottom Hehr Hall-Mark 12 Front Frame - Top Only
Used with Philips windows. Use with Philips windows. Make your own Hall-Mark 12 window sash. Make your own Hall-Mark 12 window sash.
Hall-Mark Hinge Stops & Screws Glass Bar for 1966-68 Airstreams WIth Version 2 Window
Required for all Hall-Mark 12 windows. Now you can restore almost any late 60s Airstream window.

Vintage Trailer Window Parts

The windows of a vintage trailer are often the first things that need to be repaired during a restoration. Due to their unique shapes and obsolete frame profiles, it can be difficult to find the various odds and ends you might need to get your windows in proper working order. From lever, crank, rack or torque bar operators to swivel and tee handles, we have a wide range of hard-to-find vintage trailer window hardware to make your restoration quick and easy.

Missing the proper Shasta, Spartan, canned ham or Airstream window hardware can mean leaving your trailer vulnerable to wind, sun and rain, which will eventually ruin the hard work you’ve put into the interior. Vintage Trailer Supply is proudly run by vintage trailer owners and enthusiasts, so if you’re not sure what part you need, feel free to contact us for guidance. We always rely on our community to provide feedback on what parts worked for their trailers, so be sure to leave a review if something worked for you.

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