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Maintaining vintage trailers and RVs requires strong attention to detail, understanding that the quality lies not within a single color or shape but within all the little things that truly create the overall aesthetic. Onlookers may not notice the individual parts, but they will notice when something doesn’t fit or lacks authenticity. This attention to detail is incredibly relevant when it comes to your retro trailer windows. Only certain vintage camper window replacement parts fit with specific vintage models, so it is necessary to find authentic pieces in order to properly revamp or refurbish your vintage trailer.

Hehr Standard Glass Seal Hehr Bulb Seal Hallmark 12 Glazing Strip Hehr Clear-View Window Strip
Hehr Standard Glass Seal
Starting At: $14.99
Hehr Window Bulb Seal
Starting at: $27.99
Used on many brands of trailers in the 1950s. For Hehr Clear-View and Hall-Mark 12 windows, Airstreams from 1958-65. Used on early- to mid-1960s on Airstreams and other brands. Used on trailer windows in the late 1950s to early 1960s.
Jalousie Window Seal Butyl Glazing Tape Jalousie Glass Retainer Discs Jalousie Bulb Seal (10' Pkg)
Jalousie Window Bottom Seal
Our Price: $1.19 / Foot
Glazing Tape (50' Reel)
Our Price: $8.97
Get a tight seal on your jalousie (louvered) windows. Perfect size for Hehr windows. For holding glass in place in Hehr jalousie windows For louvered window frames.
Jalousie Header Seal Jalousie Clear Seal Jalousie Pile Jalousie J-Seal
Jalousie Window Glass Seal
Our Price: $0.47 / Foot
Jalousie J-Seal
Starting at: $12.99
Keeps the rain out of your jalousies. Stops the draft on jalousie windows. For the sides of Hehr jalousie windows. For 1960s and 1970s framed jalousie windows.
Mobile Scout Triangular Window Gasket Airstream Curved Glass & Sash (1969-74) Airstream Curved Window (1975-80) Airstream Rear Flat Glass and Sash (1970-74)
Triangular Window Gasket
Our Price: $6.99 / Foot
Allows for any shaped glass to be installed in your door. Replacement sash for sides of early 70s Airstreams. Replacement sash for sides of late 70s Airstreams. Replace the rear glass in your '70-'74 Airstream.
Airstream Rear Flat Glass & Sash (1975-1980) Airstream Front Flat Glass and Sash (1969-74) Airstream Front Flat Glass and Sash (1975-1980) Window Operator - Gear 7-11/16"
Replace the rear glass in your '75-'80 Airstream. Replacement Front Window for 1969-74 Airstreams 1975-1980 Airstream front window glass and sash. Quality replacements for Hehr windows.
Nylon Friction Pad Clearview Operator Clearview Window Tracks Rack Operator for Hehr 2700 Windows
Nylon Friction Pad
Our Price: $3.45
Clear-View Operator
Our Price: $19.99
Used on many crank-open Hehr windows. Heavy duty quality for some late 1950s and 1960s windows. Great with our Clearview operators. For some jalousie windows starting in the late 1950s.
Hehr 008-101 Vent Window Operator Airstream Large Vista View Window (1969-71) Airstream Flat Fixed Window (1969-78) Boler Torque Bar Window Operator
Replaces the Hehr operator on small windows in 1950s Airstreams, Silver Streaks and others. Replacement Vista View Window for 1969-71 Airstreams Replacement Window for 1969-78 Airstreams Used on Bolers and other brands of trailers.
Side Mount Operator w/ Notch Premiere Window Operator 1969 Airstream Wing Window Slant Sill Window Operator
1969 Airstream Wing Window
Our Price: $549.00
Works on some 1964 Airstreams and other windows. Description coming.  1/2" square shaft. Unique to 1969 Airstreams only. For many 1970s trailers.
1970-83 Airstream Wing Window Center Mount Operator Center Mount Operator - Hex Bar Torque Bar Bearing - Zinc 1/2" Round Bar
Airstream wing window replacement 5/16" center mount operator. 1-1/4" x 1" mounting hole dimensions (center to center). 5/16" center mount operator for hex shaped torque bar Supports a 1/2" round rod.
Metal Tee Handle Fiberglass Stoneguard Window Arm Knob Airstream Screen Clips
Metal Tee Handle
Price: $7.09
Rox-Sol Gard Canopy
Price: $389.00

Upgrade from plastic handles.

Faithful reproduction and practical, too. Real metal like the originals. Replace broken screen retaining clips.
Airstream Glass Clip Glass Bar Arm - 1966-68 Airstream Small Self-Locking Gasket Serro Scotty Jalousie Glass Holders
Stainless clips for your Philips-Corning windows. Restore your late-1960s Airstream windows. Can be used to install glass in vintage trailer doors. Replacements for broken or missing jalousie windows.
Jalousie Glass Holders 013-157 Airstream Window Positioner Guide Airstream Window Latch Rivet On Window Striker Plate
Replacements for broken or missing jalousie windows. Window Positioner Guide Airstream window latch Strike plate for 1969 and later Airstreams.
Airstream Window Latch Shaft Airstream Window Push Arm Bracket Vintage Trailer Drip Cap L-Bulb Window Seal
L-Bulb Window Seal
Our Price: $1.97 / Foot
For 1969 and later trailers. Used on 1969 to 1974 Airstream windows. Our drip caps are the correct shape for vintage trailers. Rare early 50s gasket.
Air-O-Lite Gasket Spartanette Rear Window Gasket Hehr Standard Fasteners Offset Screen Roller
Air-O-Lite Window Gasket
Our Price: $1.99 / Foot
Spartanette Rear Window Gasket
Starting At: $29.99 / 15' Pkg
Offset Screen Roller
Our Price: $22.79
A rare 1940s window gasket. For many early Spartanette back windows. For restoring all Hehr Standard windows. The trick to Hehr Standard window screen installation.
Galvanized Window Screen Window Back frame Grommet Bronze Window Screen Hehr Window Lever 9"
Bronze Insect Screen
Price: $5.49 / Foot
Required for Hehr Standard windows and most 1950s trailer windows.

For crank-style Hehr Standard windows. Upgrade to stainless steel.

Authentic 1940s screen material. For manual operating Hehr Standard windows
Window Lever - 5" Hehr Window Lever 5" Hehr Link Lever 614 Hehr Link Lever 612
Window Lever - 5"
Our Price: $14.65
Hehr Lever Operator 606
Our Price: $11.95
Hehr Link Lever 614
Our Price: $9.99
Hehr Link Lever 612
Our Price: $9.99
For many late 1940s and early 1950s trailer windows. For manual operating Hehr windows For some Hehr Standard windows. For some Hehr Standard windows.
Hehr Window Lever 8" Hehr Link Lever 613 Chrome Handle for Flat Arm 380227 Airstream Window Channel
Hehr Link Lever 613
Our Price: $9.99
For manual operating Hehr Standard windows For some Hehr Standard windows. For many late 1970s Airstreams. Perfect fit for sliding windows in Classic motorhomes.
Rubber Receptacle for Stone Guard Wrap Protector Gasket Installation Hook Tool Airstream Window Pile Window Vertical Lip Seal
For some Airstream stone guards. Unlocks locking gaskets and general gasket work. This weatherstrip fits between the windows on many Classic motorhome windows. For Airstream or Argosy Motorhomes
1950s Keene Window Glazing Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, 5 fl. oz tube Small U Gasket Phillips Jalousie Side Seal
1950s Keene Window Glazing
Price: $1.59 / Foot
Small U Gasket
Starting at: $7.99
Phillips Jalousie Side Seal
Price: $0.89 / Foot
For Yellowstone and other trailers with Keene windows.
Great for applying rubber weatherstrips. A very small glazing gasket for 1/8" channels. Weatherstrip for where glass meets frame sides.
Window Hinges 1969+ Serro Scotty Jalousie Window Header or Sill Section Jalousie Window Side Strips Woodlin Window Seal
Woodlin Window Seal
Our Price: $0.99 / Foot
Hinges for framed jalousie windows. Build your own jalousie window. Build your own jalousie window. Seal for early Avion radius corner windows.
1968 Airstream Glass Trim 1970 Airstream Window Glazing Strip Stone Guard Support Arm 835 Philips Hinges
1968 Airstream Glass Trim
Our Price: $12.99
Stone Guard Support Arm
Price: $14.99 each
The trim you need for replacement glass. For re-glazing 1970 Airstreams. Can be used to support stone guards. One of several versions of jalousie hinge.
Window Glass 1966-68 Airstream Hehr Standard Front Channel Hehr Hallmark 17 Side & Bottom Closing Seal Hehr 4900 Jalousie Seal
Hehr 4900 Jalousie Seal
Price: $1.29 / foot
Curved and flat glass for late 1960s Airstreams is still available! For 1950s-70s Hehr Standard windows with gear operators. Common on Scotty and other canned hams. Y-shaped seal used in 1970s.
826 Philips Hinges Locking Strip Installation Tool 1954-1958 Spartan Front Plexiglas Gasket Nylon Torque Bar Bearing
One of several versions of jalousie hinge. Use to install locking strip style gaskets. Essential part for replacing plastic front windows. Fits 1/2" round bars.
Nylon Phillips Torque Bar Bearing Torque Bar Bearing-Zinc 1/2" Round Bar...1-5/16" CC Mounting Holes Torque Bar Bearing: Bottom Mount Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 7/8" High
1/2" inside diameter. For 1/2" round bar. Fits 1/2" round bars. Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 7/8" High
Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 1-1/16" High Nylon Torque Bar Bearing: 1/2" ID x 13/16" High Black Nylon Torque Bar Bearing Phillips Torque Bar Arm
Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 1-1/16" High Nylon Torque Bar Bearing-1/2" ID x 3/4" High For 1/2" round bars. For 1/2" round bars.
Torque Bar Arm Torque Bar Arm for 3/8" Square Bar 3/8" Square Torque Bar 1/2" Round Torque Bar
Torque Bar Arm
Price: $3.84
For 1/2" round bars. 1-9/16" long. 48" long. Cut to length. Works on many vintage windows.
1946-1953 Spartan Front Window Gasket Palace Window Gasket Rubber U-Gasket 1966-68 Airstream Fixed Window Glazing
Palace Window Gasket
Starting At: $53.25 / 25-Feet
Rubber U-Gasket
Starting at: $19.99
Locking gasket allows for plastic window replacement. For restoring rare 1940s Palace trailers. Good for a variety of window applications. Fix those leaks in your lower windows.
836 Philips Hinges 786 Philips Hinges Jalousie Double Header & Sill Seal (10' Pkg) Aluminum Screen Frame
Used with Philips windows. Use with Philips windows. Keeps the rain out of your jalousies. Make your own screens!
Screen Frame Corner Sill Latch for 1966-68 Airstream Windows Weep Hole Cover (Small) Weep Hole Cover (Large)
For use with our screen frame.

Keep windows closed tightly.

For classic Airstream motohomes. For classic Airstream motohomes.
Phillips Jalousie Side and Top Seal Vinyl J Seal 1950's Marvel Window Gasket Side Seal for 1960s Windows
Vinyl J Seal
Price: $17.99
1950's Marvel Window Gasket
Price: $2.99 / Foot
A small bulb seal for some jalousie windows. Used on Bolers and other trailers. Marvel Window Gasket Double T in a 1/4" track.
Hehr Hall-Mark 12 Front Frame Sides and Bottom Hehr Hall-Mark 12 Front Frame - Top Only Window Seal for Aluminum Sash Windows Airstream 1970's 1946 Spartan Front Windows - Set of 3
Make your own Hall-Mark 12 window sash. Make your own Hall-Mark 12 window sash. Fits between channel and glass. Perfectly formed for easier installation.
1947-53 Spartan Front Windows - Set of 3 1954 Spartan Front Windows - Set of 4 Hehr Fixed Window Airstream Porthole Window
Hehr Fixed Window
Price: $149.99
Preformed and cut to size for easier installatoin. Preformed and cut to size for easier installation. 22" x 20" aluminum frame window great for many trailers. Porthole Window
Airstream Porthole Window Trim
Porthole Window Trim

Repair and replacement parts for vintage trailer windows, including brands like Hehr, Woodlin, Airstream and Marvel, are often pricey and difficult to find. Our selection of products for vintage trailer window replacement and repair spans from the window itself to the smaller necessary items, like gaskets, screens, frames, rock guards, knobs and operators. These authentic parts still yield modern results, ensuring windows are secure and functioning perfectly.

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