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A working door lock is a necessity on your vintage trailer. It keeps your belongings safe while youíre on the road or in port. However, due to consistent use, door components often need replacing before a lot of other trailer parts. Thatís why Vintage Trailer Supply provides a wide range of vintage trailer replacement door locks, parts, and accessories that fit a wide range of travel trailers. Shop lock component brands like Decker, Keeler, Bargman and more that fit a wide range of vintage travel trailers from the 50s to today. We stock airstream locksets, deadbolts, keys, latch bolts, handles, cams, striker plates and more. Shop for your vintage trailer door locks with us today!

Polished Chrome Entrance Lock Canned Ham Door Latch L-77 L-66 Lock Cylinder Vintage Trailer Lock
Canned Ham Door Latch
Our Price: $17.99
Hard-to-find shape and finish. Used on 1960s Shasta trailers and many others. Save your original L-77 lock! Replacement lock for most mid-60s Airstreams.
Key Blank for VTS L-66/L-77 Cylinder Trailer L-Handle Keeler Latchbolt Bargman Key Blank (Old Hurd Cylinders)
Locking L-Handle
Our Price: $12.99
Latchbolt for Keeler Lock
Our Price: $24.50
Get extra blanks for your VTS cylinder or lock. For mid-60s Shastas and others. Great for steel chassis restoration. Make backup keys now before it is too late.
Bargman H20-2 Handle Bargman H20-2 Spring Decker 1042 Lock Bargman L-66
Bargman H20-2 Spring
Our Price: $9.95
Decker 1042 Lockset
Our Price: $69.99
A quality and beautiful reproduction. Restore the operation of your H20-2. Used on many pop-up tent trailers. Now obsolete horizontal mounting entry door lock.
Trailer Entrance Door Knob Extra Long Lachbolt RV Deadbolt H20-2 Cylinder & Keys
Our Price: $24.99
Won't rust.  Great for older trailers with simple knob lockset. Used in late 1960s on Airstreams and Avions Add a safe and secure lock to your vintage trailer. Very hard-to-find cylinder for 1950s trailer locks.
Bargman Key Blank (1969-76) Bargman Key Blank (1977 - Present) Strike Plate Plastic Strike Pocket
Bargman Key Blank (1969-76)
Our Price: $1.49 each
Bargman Key Blank (1977-2010)
Our Price: $1.49 each
Strike Plate
Our Price: $1.49
Plastic Striker Pocket
Our Price: $9.99
For some 1970s Bargman locksets. For newer Bargman locksets. Works with many entrance door locks. Late 1960s Airstreams.
L-66 Latchbolt Decker 1040-B Lock Lock Cam L-300 Lock Reconditioned
L-66 Latchbolt
Our Price: $18.99
Decker 1040-B Lock
Price: $79.99
Lock Cam
Price: $3.99
Premium replacement part for this common lock. Flush mount lock for vintage trailers.

Cam Locks Professionally restored locksets are available for a limited time.
Keeler Lock Exterior Handle Reproduction Custom Airstream Deadbolt 1969-71 Airstream Striker Plate Bargman H20-2 Interior Handle
Custom Deadbolt
Price: $58.34
The most requested part for KBC locks. Add a safe and secure lock to your vintage trailer. Replacement Striker for your 1969-71 Airstream! Used on Spartans and other 1950s trailers.
Bargman L-77 Exterior Replacement Handle Bargman L-77 Handle Spring and Pin Kit Chrome Inside Handle for 5/16" Square Shank
Repair your 50-year-old lockset. Fix your old Bargman L-77 Lock Authentic style for vintage trailers.
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