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Vintage Trailer Marker & Clearance Lights

Not only are trailer marker lights necessary for visibility of your vintage trailer, but they also make up part of the vintage aesthetic on the exterior of your trailer. You canít just replace one with any old clearance light. Shop vintage-trailer-specific clearance and marker lights, including teardrop marker lights, Stratolite 42s, 1960s oval markers, starburst marker lenses and more. You can also find replacement bases, sockets and grommets.

Teardrop Marker Light Stratolite 42 Oval Marker Lens Oval LED Marker Base
Teardrop LED Marker Light
Our Price: $14.99
1960s Oval Marker Lens
Our Price: $4.49
Our LED version of the classic vintage clearance light. Used on many 1960s trailers. Exact replacement lens for the top marker lights on many 1960s Airstreams. Convert your late-1960s marker lights to LED.
Oval LED Marker Double Bullseye Marker Light LED Double Bullseye Starburst Marker LED
1970s+ Marker Light
Our Price: $4.95
1970s+ LED Marker Light
Our Price: $8.99
Switch from incandescent to LED for safety and reliability.
The "double bullseye" design used on many trailers starting in the 1970s. Traditional double bullseye in modern LED. Late 1960s & 1970s marker light for Shastas and other makes.
Rubber Grommet LS 348 Marker Light Replacement Lens for #53 Marker Light Marker Light with Chrome Base
LS 348 Marker Light
Our Price: $17.99
Great for passing wires and tubes through wall framing and belly pans. For Airstream taillight arrays from 1975 to 1978. Freshens look of lights. A larger teardrop marker light.
Beehive Marker Lights 110V Candelabra Socket Silicone Gasket Sheet
Candelabra Socket
Price: $4.99
Nice for early 50s trailers. For mini screw base bulbs. For making your own gaskets.
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