1966-68 Airstream Fixed Window Interior Glazing

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1966-68 Airstream Fixed Window Interior Glazing

Product Code: VTS-504

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This is the rubber glazing strip used on the short horizontal fixed flat windows on 1966 to 1968 Airstreams. It is installed from inside the trailer.

It is not used on the overhead fixed windows on 1968 Airstreams. And it is not used on the operable windows.

We make this seal of silicone rubber to prevent any shrinkage or hardening over time. We recommend installing with 1/8" tempered glass and setting the glass in the aluminum frame with our butyl glazing tape (VTS-137).


  1. Clean the inside surface of the aluminum frame.
  2. Place a strip of VTS-137 butyl glazing tape on the exterior face of the glass around the perimeter where it will touch the aluminum window opening.
  3. Press the glass into the aluminum frame from the interior of the trailer. The glazing tape will adhere the glass to the inside of the aluminum frame.
  4. Press this fixed window interior glazing strip against the glass to finish the interior installation.
  5. Go outside your trailer and place a very small exterior bead of silicone or Trempro 635 around the perimeter of the glass where it meets the aluminum frame. This will complete a durable, water tight installation.